Scholarships and Competitions

One of the many benefits of becoming a student member with Material Advantage and/or CIM is the opportunity to apply to the available scholarships and competitions offered through these organizations. Scholarships and competitions are available for undergraduate and graduate students to apply to, which can help to relieve financial burdens and helps to boost your resume!

Offered Through Material Advantage: ACerS, AIST, ASM, & TMS


ACerS, AIST, ASM, and TMS have gathered all available resources to help you find financial assistance, where over $800,000 in scholarships and grants are available through these societies, chapters and foundations. The Materials Advantage website lists all of the financial opportunities available to students through these various organizations, found here.

Offered Through CIM & MetSoc


CIM & MetSoc have many different scholarship opportunities for students. MetSoc offers many competitions and scholarships available for students. MetSoc in particular has two scholarships: Doctoral and Masters Scholarship. Details concerning all competitions and scholarships available through MetSoc can be found here.


CIM & MetSoc also have many different scholarships offerered through the different branches of the CIM Foundation. More information regarding these various scholarships offered through CIM can be found here.

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